How to get to Wedding Cake Rock (Day trip from Sydney)

Two women sit on Wedding Cake Rock in Australia's National Royal Park.
This day trip is super easy to do from Sydney and offers great glimpses into the Royal National Park. All it involves in a train, ferry and a little bit of illegal fence jumping.

Step 1. Get yourself to Cronulla.

Take a train, bus or drive yourself. Easy-peasy. 30 min from city centre.
Map marking the location of Cronulla, NSW.

Step 2. Take the ferry from Cronulla to Bundeena. 

The wharf is just on the other side of the train station. The ferry is tiny and adorable. Just hop on and the crew will come around to everyone for you to buy your ticket after it departs. Takes about 30 min (find the timetable and prices here).
Inside the ferry from Cronulla to Bundeena, NSW.

Step 3. Walk through Bundeena to the trail.

Walk up from the wharf up to the row of shops (Woolies is there so pick up some snacks and maybe a bottle of trail wine!) Walk up the hill, down Brighton Street, take a left at Scarborough Street and a right on Beachcomber Ave. Walk to the very end of Beachcomber Ave where the paved road gives way to a dirt path. You'll see a welcome sign to the Royal National Park/Coastal Trails.

How to get to Wedding Cake Rock in the Royal National Park, Australia.

Step 4. Hike the trail to Wedding Cake Rock! 

Follow the path until you come to another path leading to the left that has a sign for Wedding Cake Rock. Follow the path! Easy as pie. The path takes you to and along the coast about 30 min until you come to Wedding Cake Rock.

Views in the Royal National Park, NSW, Australia.

Step 5. Be a rebel. 

So technically its illegal to go out on the rock. Its fenced off and you can face fines up to $300 for  being on the other side of it. But hey look at you! You just came all the way here to get a pic of you on this shiny, white, odd shaped rock. So go ahead. Be a rebel. Use whatever upper arm strength you can conjure get yourself on the other side of that fence.

Wedding Cake Rock in the Royal National Park, NSW, Australia.



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