Monotony will kill you

"Adventure may hurt, but montony will kill you." 

When people say "I love to travel" what a lot of them really mean is "I love to vacation". There is a big difference. 

If you want everything to be perfect and go right and you always want be comfortable and relaxed then you like to vacation.

Travel, by nature, involves a certain amount of pain. Some sadness. Some hardships. Some bad moments. It's challenging and not easy.

Never before have I had such a roller coaster of a trip than my recent stint in Costa Rica. It can be perfectly summed up with this wonderful quote:

Travel quote by Anthony Bourdain

Travel may make me want run away and crawl under a rock sometimes but I've never found anything so worth it. It's opened my eyes to not only new places and experiences but how to be a better me. In those moments I successfully navigate a new city or make new friends with total strangers, I find a piece of me comes alive in a way I don't experience at home.

Anyways, here's Costa Rica & Nicaragua:
Playa Madera, San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

Volcan Mombacho, Granada, Nicaragua

Street market in Granada, NicaraguaGranada, Nicaragua
Granada, Nicaragua

Playa Danta, Guanacaste, Costa Rica

Travel buddies for life



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