Inspiration Roundup: Summer Dreaming

While I am stuck inside under layers of long underwear and sweaters, in one of the coldest Minnesota winters in recent memory, I've been spending my free time dreaming away. Here is a roundup of some of the images that have been inspiring me as of late.

Inspiration collage with quotes, Miraslava Duma, streetstyle, Budapest, and fashion.

1. Once the weather warms and my hair can escape the winter hats, I want to dye my hair. I'm deciding between a warm chestnut or a light brown.

2. Certain moments in life stay with you. For me, its the simple moments when I feel all is right in the world. Two from the last year came to mind for me when I saw this graphic. One is when I spent the afternoon with a friend hanging around the plaza in front of the Catedral de Granada. It was the perfect afternoon spent in good company, people watching and moseying around the city I had fallen in love with. Another one was just last month when I was in Australia. After a few nights spent  camping, we were driving out a valley that was far out of phone and radio reception. To fill the silence, one of our friends grabbed his guitar and played for us as we made our way back to Sydney. His absolutely beautiful version of Daughters's Youth is something I won't soon forget.

3. Miraslava Duma. Need I say more? Fashion goddess. 

4. I finished the Divergent series a couple of weeks ago and when my friend asked me what faction I would be in, there was no hesitation: Dauntless. Deep down I feel that I'm just a big scaredy-cat and Dauntless's mantra left more of an impression on me than any other themes of social commentary the books did.   

5. This outfit.... ugh. Give me. Now. Want.

6. Budapest! I'm currently planning a trip to Budapest, Hungary for next month! I hope it works out. *fingers crosses*

7. I spent too much time daydreaming about tattoos I'll never get. I want them all. But I'm too scared! (see #4)

8. I WISH I could look this cute in winter. Unfortunately, when it's so cold that it hurts to breathe, functionality tends to wins over style.

9. Dreaming of the days of short skirts and camisoles.

What has inspired you lately?



  1. I am dreaming of being able to spin around in a big poofy skirt! Silly I know but I just want to!

    1. That sound wonderful, doesn't it? Out in the country, on a warm summer day? Yes please.

  2. i have been meaning to read that series! I will have to try it out now! hope you have so much fun on your upcoming trip!

    1. I would definitely recommend the series! Just make sure to keep some tissues around if your a crier.

  3. I've recently discovered white tattoo, which reminds me of wispy chiffon or lace. It makes me wish it's not the dead of winter so I can wear lighter wispy clothes. Sometimes your fashion inspiration just doesn't line up with the current weather :)

    - Gita

    1. White tattoos are so pretty! I love their subtlety.


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