If Scarves Could Talk

A close up of a gray knit scarf worn with a two toned faux leather jacket.

If scarves could talk, this one would have a few stories to tell.

Let me explain...
Last January I went on a trip to Rome with 2 of my friends. We booked a 3 beds in a 4 bed hostel room and didn't really expect the last bed to be taken. When we checked in, the 4th bed was vacant so we thought we lucked out. As we unpacked and settled in, we found a random scarf in the closet. We tried it on and joked around called it our "complimentary scarf" and folded it back up. We left for a day of sightseeing and when we got back, lo and behold, there we had a fourth roommate. And it wasn't his first day at the hostel...

Yes, he had been keeping his things under his impeccably made bed so we hadn't seen them earlier and yes, it was his scarf. We had a long laugh about it and were relieved that we had put it back before we left. Fast forward 2 days and our nice, French roommate moved out for real this time.... and forgot his scarf. IMMEDIATELY my friend Katie claimed the scarf for herself.

And that is how we got a scarf from a French guy in a Roman hostel.

I love it so much, its so warm and fluffy. I made Katie lend it to me for a bit because its so wonderful with such wonderful memories.
A close up of a gray knit scarf worn with a two toned faux leather jacket and bright pink lipstick.

Scarf: Poor Frenchie who lost this heavenly knit beauty
Jacket: Charlotte Rouse
Earrings: Old Navy
Lipstick: Revlon- Fuchsia Shock

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  1. Great jacket!!!


  2. Oh my gosh. Your scarf has had a more exciting life than I have ;)

  3. Haha, what a funny story about the scarf! It looks warm and cozy :)

    The Tiny Heart

    1. It sure is! Temperatures keep insisting on dropping here in Minnesota so I've been wearing it a lot lately!

  4. LOL that is such a funny scarf story. I love your lip color, it's so gorgeous against the white winter!

    xo freshfizzle

    1. Thank you! I love wearing bright lipstick in winter, it keeps my dreams of spring alive!

  5. What a crazy, awesome story! I love it!


  6. Such a fun story and an awesome scarf!


  7. beautiful scarf!
    so pretty


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