What's in a shoe?

Guess leopard print hightop sneakers

Never taking off my new Guess leopard print, high-top sneakers.

If Scarves Could Talk

A close up of a gray knit scarf worn with a two toned faux leather jacket.

If scarves could talk, this one would have a few stories to tell.

Let me explain...

Inspiration Roundup: Summer Dreaming

While I am stuck inside under layers of long underwear and sweaters, in one of the coldest Minnesota winters in recent memory, I've been spending my free time dreaming away. Here is a roundup of some of the images that have been inspiring me as of late.

Inspiration collage with quotes, Miraslava Duma, streetstyle, Budapest, and fashion.

1. Once the weather warms and my hair can escape the winter hats, I want to dye my hair. I'm deciding between a warm chestnut or a light brown.

2. Certain moments in life stay with you. For me, its the simple moments when I feel all is right in the world. Two from the last year came to mind for me when I saw this graphic. One is when I spent the afternoon with a friend hanging around the plaza in front of the Catedral de Granada. It was the perfect afternoon spent in good company, people watching and moseying around the city I had fallen in love with. Another one was just last month when I was in Australia. After a few nights spent  camping, we were driving out a valley that was far out of phone and radio reception. To fill the silence, one of our friends grabbed his guitar and played for us as we made our way back to Sydney. His absolutely beautiful version of Daughters's Youth is something I won't soon forget.

3. Miraslava Duma. Need I say more? Fashion goddess. 

4. I finished the Divergent series a couple of weeks ago and when my friend asked me what faction I would be in, there was no hesitation: Dauntless. Deep down I feel that I'm just a big scaredy-cat and Dauntless's mantra left more of an impression on me than any other themes of social commentary the books did.   

5. This outfit.... ugh. Give me. Now. Want.

6. Budapest! I'm currently planning a trip to Budapest, Hungary for next month! I hope it works out. *fingers crosses*

7. I spent too much time daydreaming about tattoos I'll never get. I want them all. But I'm too scared! (see #4)

8. I WISH I could look this cute in winter. Unfortunately, when it's so cold that it hurts to breathe, functionality tends to wins over style.

9. Dreaming of the days of short skirts and camisoles.

What has inspired you lately?

Kangas and Koalas and Spiders! Oh my!

I had the opportunity to go to Australia last month with one of my very best friends. We went to see her boyfriend/my friend who lives in Sydney and spent a wonderful two weeks on beaches, camping, going to the zoo, and kayaking. We rang in the New Year at a house that was straight out the O.C., got to celebrate our friend's 21st birthday and met some amazing new Aussie friends.  It was the perfect getaway from the bitter Minnesota winter. We even miss this who "polar vortex" thing people are talking about. Talk about a perfectly planned trip.

-a few snapshots from my time down under-

wallabies in Australian bush


View of Sydney Harbor

Jumpsuit Lovin'

Jumpsuit outfit styled with statement necklace and headscarf.

I think my obsession with black jumpsuits began when Carrie Bradshaw wore one to her engagement dinner in the first Sex and the City movie. Ever since then I have been desperate to get my hands on one. Then, lo and behold, I decided randomly to stop in a cheap little store on my way home from class while I was studying in Spain last spring and spotted this one. I had to have it. Now i

It's so much fun to style with all kinds of different accessories, which is good because I buy way too many belts for my own good and this goes with all of them. Here I'm wearing it with a big statement necklace, a silk scarf I bought in Morocco and a simple black braided belt.
Moroccan headscarf tied as a headband.
Gold statement necklace with red beads and dangling spikes and pendants worn with a black jumpsuit.
Jumpsuit: Stam (Spain)
Necklace: Charming Charlie
Scarf: Street market in Morocco
Sunglasses: Franchesca's
Belt: Thrifted
Shoes: Metal (Spain)

Inspired by... the Albaicin

Its been 2 months since I returned from my semester in Spain and I am missing it sorely. I miss the sights, the sounds, the smells, the tastes. I miss my host mom and my community of friends I had surrounding me. To cope with my Spain withdrawal, I have decided to do an "Inspired By" series for all of my favorite places I went last semester. First up, my beautiful home base of Granada, specifically the Albaicin neighborhood.

About Granada and the Albaicin. Granada is located in the autonomous community of Andalusia is southern Spain. It was under the rule of the Moors from 711 to 1492 and the last hold out of Sultan Muhammad XII making it the longest Arabic controlled city in Spain. Granada still is greatly influences by the Arabic world which can be seen in its architecture, food, music, and people. The historic neighborhood of the Albaicin is the best example of this with it's horseshoe arches, the smell of shawarma around every corner and the endless supply of Moroccan shops.

View of the Albaicin from the Alhambra in Granada, Spain.
Morroccan lanterns in Granada, Spain.
Alley in the Albaicin neighborhood in Granada, Spain.
Street performers play guitar and sing in front of the Alhambra at the Mirador de San Nicolas in Granada, Spain.

Blouse, pants, shoes, backpack and accessories that embody the Albaicin neighborhood in the Granada, Spain.

Patrizia Pepe chiffon blouse / EAST tapered harem pants, $76 / JustFabulous / Light weight backpack, $220 / Blydesign turquoise bangle / Cathy Waterman tear drop diamond earrings / FOSSIL jewelry / STELLA McCARTNEY tortoise glasses
This is definitely the Moroccan inspired look. Lose and flowy complete with a leather backpack which were sold everywhere in the Albaicin.

Outfit inspried by the urban youth from the Albaicin neighborhood in Granada, Spain.

This second look is inspired by the young hippies who could always be spotted in the Albaicin selling their jewelry and art work. I don't mean the ironic, hipster hippie that are abundant in the US, these folks are the real deal. Hash smoking, grunge, dreadlocks, shaved heads, rat tails, barefoot, gauges, always with their dogs on homemade leashes, this group was always my favorite to people watch.

Granada Rain

Hey look at me, I'm updating!

I wore this of Día de la Cruz in Granada, Spain. It was a lovely morning but then the sun went away and it started raining! Then I hiked up to my friend's house in the Albaicin which is up a very steep hill with very uneven, pebble roads. It's not an easy walk in flat shoes so in these heeled boots I borrowed from my host mom, it was quite a challenge. Anyways, I am on a mission to by something in this lime green color. I also borrowed this top from my host mom so now I want something for myself. It makes me look so tan!

Chartreuse bouse worn with black shorts, gold armband, leather bag and combat boots.